Call for papers

The biennial FOSS4G-fr conference brings together French-speaking stakeholders of the OpenSource GIS ecosystem.

It will be held from 15 to 17 May 2018, at the premises of the ENSG in Marne la Vallée - Paris.


  • B2B
    • Implementation of FOSS4G solutions in a Business and/or Enterprise context
    • Articulating BI and Spatial, feedback from Spatial Intelligence
    • Architecture, Migration, Exploitation and Resilience: when ISD meets FOSS4G
  • Public decision makers, e-Administration and Smart City
    • Assistance in decision-making and steering public policies
    • Digital Citizen actions, e-Journalism and Counter-Power
    • Crisis management, response to natural disasters
  • Common Good
    • FOSS4G for NGOs and/or humanitarian projects
    • Crowd mapping projects, OpenData & OpenDataSet
    • Teach or train with FOSS4G
    • FOSS4G Communities: Francophone and Projects
  • Scientific applications
    • Climate, Energy, Environment and GeoSciences
    • Agriculture and Forestry
    • Biology, Public health and Epidemiology
    • Urban planning, Networks and Transport
    • Archaeology and Digital Humanities
  • Latest advances in Open Source solutions
    • New features for existing FOSS4G applications
    • Brand new FOSS4G software
    • Methodology and transversal tools: DevOps flavor
  • DataViz
    • 3D and 4D cartographic rendering
    • Geostatistical rendering: tools and methods
    • Advanced semiology and 'esthetic' renderings
  • Emerging technologies
    • Drones and Autonomous Vehicles
    • IoT, Sensors, LIDAR
    • Indoor Mapping or geolocation
    • Big Data, Machine and Deep Learning
    • Augmented or Virtual Reality
  • Alter
    • I don't fit into your taxonomy, and the interest of my proposal starts there...


  • Workshop (May 15):      180’
  • Conference:                   25'
  • Ligthning talk:                10'
  • Poster / Map:                 format A0

Important Informations

To be noticed

  • English talks, from international speakers are welcome.
  • The submission of an intervention entails, de facto, your agreement of publication by the organizers of FOSS4G-fr, of elements related to your presentation (slides, photos taken in situ, video capture).
  • The selection of selected presentations will be based on the quality of the submitted description, its interest and originality for a professional audience, as well as the overall coherence of the program.
  • The decision of the programme committee will be final and without appeal. Committee members speak for themselves and their choices do not reflect the position of their employer.